How Long Do Sump Pumps Last & Why Doesn’t Last Long | 7 Signs to Replace

Have your sump pump systems stopped working after many years of installation? Did you think why your sump pump is not running? Sump pumps are electrical or battery backup equipment. So, it will not last long forever. Like another apparatus of your home, the sump pump needs to replace after several years. Sump pumps prevent basement flooding due to over-rising water. Therefore, you have to be conscious about the replacement of your sump pump.

A big question arises that how would you know it’s time to replace your sump pump. In this article, we have implied some signs of the sump pump. If you see any of these signs in your sump pump, then you should replace your pump as soon as possible.

how long do sump pumps last?

According to the US Department of Housing and Development’s estimation, the average life of a sump pump is ten years. That doesn’t mean all the sump pumps will last for ten years. Some may work for more than ten years, and some may stop working before ten years.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sump Pump

Sometimes, the only repair is enough. You have to make sure whether your sump pump needs repair or replacement. In the below, we have estimated some signs. If your sump pump has any of these signs, you have to replace them.

1. Strange noises

If your sump pump makes irregular noises that indicate some parts are damaged or worn out. If it sounds like rattling, grinding, or gurgling, it means it has a motor issue. That will be good news for you because the motor can repair, your pump may not replace. But if the noise is too loud, it may have failed bearing problem. It may need to replace your sump pump.

2. Frequent Power Outages

Sump pumps are directly connected to the power source of the home. Some of the sump pump’s material may damage due to frequent power outages. So, don’t forget to check the sump pump either is working or not working, after experiencing a power outage.

3. The pump rarely or constantly turns on

After working for many years, a sump pump may not turn on automatically, or you have to face some trouble to turn on the sump pump. Or it may damage because of very irregular engaging. It may have a mechanical problem, or the motor may get stuck. So, call your nearest plumber to make sure if it needs repair or replacement.

Usually, a sump turns on when the water level reaches a certain point of the sump pit and turns off when the water level falls below a certain level. If your sump pump turns on irregularly or never turns off, then your sump pump may have a problem.

4. Do not discharge enough water

If your sump pump doesn’t discharge enough water from the sump basin, it means it may have lack horsepower. But if you have bought the perfect horsepower sump pump for your basement, then it may be a problem with the impeller or anti-airlock hole. There might something stuck into the impeller. Or else, the anti-airlock hole can be plugged. It can be fixed by cleaning it.

5. Stopped running

If the pump stops running often, then it might be the switch problem. If you figure out the switch is purely ok, then it may be another problem. A pump may fail due to overworked. If there is a backflow of water into the sump pit, then you must install a basement waterproofing contractor or replace the check valve. If your sump pump still stopped running even after doing all the things, then you should replace the pump.

6. Motor failure

When the motor stops running, check the entire pump whether it has some external problem such as the power line is ok or not, fuse breaker, etc. If you did not find any external issue, then the problem might be inside the motor. It may have wiring failure inside the motor. If the pump motor is older, then it would be better to replace it.

7. Visible Rust

If you see the presence of rust in your sump pump, it means it time to replace the pump. It is commonly called “Iron bacteria.” This bacteria is not harmful to human beings but, it may cause damage to the sump pump. Gel-like subsistence may clog the discharge pipes. So, the discharge pipe can’t discharge the water. So, it’s better to replace the sump pump if rust is visible.

Why sump pump does not last long?

Though a sump pump gets weak over time, there is some reason that sump pumps do not last long. If you choose the best sump pump with the best equipment and maintain the sump pump properly, then it will enhance the lifetime of the sump pump. Here are some reasons why the sump pump doesn’t last long.

Home Sump Pump

Quality-based sump pump: Your sump pump will last long according to its quality. The best quality sump pump will provide the best services. Always a pricy product is good and a cheap product is imperfect, it’s not true. Before buying a sump pump, research the product and chooses that offers a warranty.        

Installation: The sump pump installation process is not too hard. But a wrong way of installation may lead to the sump pump damage before the expected period. So, it is better to call a professional to install it properly.

Maintenance: When a thing is well maintained, that will last long more than expected. Regular maintenance will expand the lifetime of your sump pump. Try to keep the sump pit clean. Always check the pump whether it needs any repair.


How often should the sump pump be replaced?

Most of the sump pump needs to replace it every 5-7 years. But some may last longer than 5/7 years. On the other hand, some may need to replace before the estimated time. It depends on the material quality and user’s maintenance. Make sure your sump pump can’t work only by repairing it. Them you can decide to replace.

Do you need a plumber to replace a sump pump?

Replacing a sump pump is not a hard job. Anyone with a basic idea can replace the sump pump. There may have an emergency when you do not have any scope to call any plumber. So, you have to replace it by yourself. The instruction guide included with the sump pump may help you. But make sure you have the proper knowledge about the sump or else call a plumber to do this.

Is it bad for a sump pump to run continuously?

If the sump pump works even there is not enough water in the sump pit to remove. Then the pump must have a significant issue. The pump should repair or replace (If need) before burning out. Usually, this happens when the sump pump switch gets stuck.

Do I need a backup sump pump?

A backup sump pump keeps your basement free from flooding when the primary pump cannot run due to power absence. At those moments, the battery backup sump will run and remove the excess water. So, every house should have a backup pump.

What if My Sump Pump Already Failed?

Try to find out the issue that the sump pump is facing. If your sump pump is not too old, then only repairing may be enough. But if your sump pump is too old, then you may need to replace the sump pump.

How long does a battery backup sump pump last?

A battery backup sump pump needs to replace in a shorter time than the primary sump pump. It lasts 4-5 years on average. This time may decrease or increase according to your maintenance. Regular maintenance extends the life of a sump pump. 

Nobody wants to have a devastating basement flooding. To protect their basement, they install a sump pump. What if their installed sump pump stops working? The sump pump needs to replace it after several times. So, how would they know when is the right time to replace their sump pump? We have mentioned some of the most common sump pump issues that indicate that it needs to replace. If your sump pump has any of the signs, then immediately replace it before dollars of loss.

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  1. What caught my attention is when you said that some parts of your sump pump must have worn out or damaged when it is making irregular noises. This is something that I will share with my mother because her basement always ends up getting flooded due to a damaged sump pump. She said that it made strange popping sounds for about a minute or two before it totally stopped working a few weeks ago. I will ask her to hire a professional that can replace it for her.


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