How To Repair Air Compressor ??| 6 Common Problems🛠️

What if you can fix your air compressor’s problem rather than spending a lot of money to replace it? Undoubtedly it is a time-consuming process but saves money and enhances the lifespan of the air compressor. There are some common air compressor problems that may repair at home as air leaks, pressure problems, power problems, etc.

Air compressor issues are a common thing. It is a heavy-duty device that is made with a complex structure. So, having some issues after heavy use is usual. The good news is that an air compressor can repair at a minimal cost. In this article, we have implied how to repair air compressors.

Doesn’t start or stop

The most basic issue of air pressure is it sometimes won’t start or stop. It may happen because of various reasons. Besides, its solutions are also too easy. Check out the below points and find out the main problem. If you can find the exact problem, you will also be able to repair it.

air compressor Doesn’t start or stop
Air compressor Doesn’t start or stop

How to repair:

  • At first, check the power button switch and power source of your house whether it has any problem or not. If you notice any problem with the pressure switch, immediately replace the switch.
  • But the question may arise how you may know if the pressure switch has any problem. Usually, the pressure switch turns on when the tank’s pressure drops (Cut-in pressure). On the other side, the pressure switch stops when the tank reaches full cut-out pressure. If the air compressor doesn’t start or stop in the above-cited situation, your air compressor must have a pressure switch issue that should repair.
  • Every air compressor has a check valve that obstructs the tank’s air from flowing back to the pump. A faulty check valve or pressure release valve creates high air pressure to the head of the pump. That prevents the compressor from starting when the tank is full of air. As well as the valve fails to release the air pressure so, the compressor can’t stop. In this case, you must replace the check valve as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may lead to tragic damage to the air compressor.

Air leaks

Deactivate the air compressor after the tank is full of air. If you notice the gauge of the air compressor designates lower pressure, your compressor must have air leaks that should take into account. Air leaks usually occur for a leak into the connections, check valve issue, leaks from the oil fill tube, and the hood. Air leaks are not a big problem. It can fix without applying a lot of effort.

How To Repair Air Compressor
air compressor air leaks

How to repair:

  • At first, try to find out the point that is leaking air. Unplug the power line and cover all connections, couplers, and pressure switches with liquid soap. If you notice any bubbles are coming from any of the points, there is the leakage located. Tighten up the coupler if need.
  • Inspect the check valve. Sometimes, a damaged check valve may cause air leaks. If you find any problem with the check valve, immediately repair it if possible, otherwise replace it.
  • Check the oil fill tube and make sure the piston seals are not worn. Worn piston seals may need to replace. Worn piston seals create friction metal-on-metal that can cause internal corrosion. At a time, it starts to leak the air pressure of the air compressor. So, check the piston seals carefully. If you notice any problem, immediately replace them.

Pressure and flow problems

Pressure and flow problem is also a significant problem of an air compressor. It may make the compressor void to work properly. How could you figure out your compressor has this problem? If the air compressor tank holds unnecessary air or doesn’t hold enough air to run, that may be the pressure and flow problem. Besides, the pressure may not reach an obligatory PSI to start the compressor. IT is also the pressure and flow problem.

air compressor Pressure and flow problems

How to repair:

  • If you notice your air compressor tank takes too much time to build enough air pressure, or the motor overheats suddenly and trips the thermal cut, you may have a problem with the intake filter media. Remove the filter housing from the intake media and run the compressor. If the compressor runs decently, you will be sure that the problem is in the intake filter. In that case, replacing the intake media is the best choice.
  • If an air hose is connected with the compressor, and the compressor can’t build up enough air pressure, the reason may be the air hose.
  • Make sure the regulator pressure is set at 20 PSI of the compressor’s cut-out pressure.
  • Check carefully whether the discharge coupler is fitted with the wrong hose connector (This may happen if you have recently replaced any parts without checking OEM specifications). If so, you need to re-arrange them.

Electrical Motor and Power Problems

As air compressor is an electric device, electric and power problem is a common issue. The electric motor problem and power problem may occur for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is to connect the motor with an extension cord, worn starter capacitor, and air trapped over the pistons. Besides, an old motor of the air compressor may not work decently. The good news is that all problems can fix with some easy efforts.

air compressor Electrical Motor and Power Problems

How to repair:

  • If your air compressor’s motor is running for many years and facing some trouble to run properly, this is the time for replacing your air compressor’s motor. The old motor may have worn parts, loose connection, and less power consumption capacity.
  • If your compressor is connected with the power outlet with an extension cord, the motor will not be able to consume enough power to run correctly. That may cause overheating of the motor. So, it’s better to connect the motor with a direct connection.
  • When the air compressor is turned on, it consumes a massive amount of power what is generally called inrush. At that time, there is a high chance of getting a fuse from the power line. To prevent this situation, an air compressor is enriched with a starter capacitor. A worn starter capacitor cannot manage the incoming power. If you notice dimmed compressor lights at startup, it indicates the capacitor is damaged and needs to replace.
  • Are you noticing your compressor trips off immediately after the power switch is turned on? It may occur if the air is trapped over the pistons. Disconnect the compressor from the power outlet and drain the whole tank’s air. This process will solve your problem.

Extreme noise and vibration

Extreme noise and vibration from the air compressor is the sign of trouble into the compressor. Usually, air compressors make a mild noise. If the noise is too loud suddenly, it means it has one or more internal problems. The problem may be for loose mounting, loose connections, piston issues, or crankcase issues. Below, we have described how to get rid of those problems.

air compressor Extreme noise and vibration

How to repair

  • Air compressors may create excess noise because of improper placing. Sometimes, the vibration pad may displace or damage. That may lead to excess noise or excess vibration. Try to place the compressor properly and check whether the vibration pad is in the proper place or not.
  • Loosed parts may create a loud noise. Carefully check all the internal and external parts such as the cooler, clamps, pulley with compressor, belt, and the compressor flywheel is tight enough.
  • Dirty pistons are sometimes the cause of the loud noise of an air compressor. Dirty pistons may heat the valve plate that makes the excess noise. You have to take the compressor cylinder head out and check whether that is dirty. If so, clean it instantly and put it back. Hopefully, the noise will go.
  • The crankcase of the compressor may be the cause of excess noise. Try to find out the problem. Sometimes, it may need to fill the crankcase with oil or replace the crankcase.

Oil problems

The most threatening problem of an air compressor is the oil problem. Oil problems may disable the air compressor’s activity if necessary steps are not taken immediately. The most common problem related to the oil is consuming a lot of oil, Oil in the discharge area, water entering the oil reservoir, etc. Here is the solution to this problem.

 air compressor Oil problems

How to repair:

  • Consuming excess oil in compressor is not a good symptom for an air compressor. It may happen because of the restricted compressor air intake, worn pistons, and oil leaks. Check whether there is any internal or external leakage into the oil tube and oil reservoir. Clean the replacement air filter and replace the piston rings if they are worn.
  • Oil enters the discharge area also for worn piston rings and restricted air intake. Besides, it may occur for filling excess Oil into the compressor or installing piston rings upside-down. In that case, remove the compressor cylinder head. Besides, replacing the crankshaft will be the best idea.
  • If the water enters the oil reservoir, it will reduce the activity of the air compressor. When an air compressor operates in a high steaminess environment, this problem is common. To prevent this problem, you can use the piping system to release the moisture of the air compressor through a pipe.
Source:Farpoint Farms


When should a compressor be replaced?

How many years an air compressor lasts? This question’s answer cannot give accurately because it depends on how you maintain your compressor and how long it runs. You can examine some factors to be sure about the compressor’s replacement.

  • If you are thinking the repair cost is almost the same as replacing a new one.
  • Any of its parts are broken, and that cannot repair.
  • If the compressor consumes a lot of energy and that cannot fix.
  • If you have an old model of air compressor that’s repairmen is too hard.
  • If the compressor capacity reduces.

What happens when the AC compressor stops working?

When the AC compressor stops working or reduces its regular ability, the refrigerator cannot produce enough cold temperature as before. It fails to work properly and consumes a lot of power that may ruin the refrigerator also.

How do I know if my compressor is bad?

Several symptoms ensure the compressor is bad. You can easily find out if your air compressor is not working with some common factors. Here is the most common symptom of a worn air compressor.

  • Excessive noise from the compressor.
  • It doesn’t turn on or turn off.
  • Air leakage.
  • The refrigerator or the air condition does not produce enough cold temperature.
  • Shut down suddenly.

How do you reset an air compressor?

After running for a long time, the air compressor may cut out from power or maybe too heat. If the compressor keeps cutting out continuously, resetting the motor may solve out this problem. To reset your air compressor, make sure the compressor is connected with the power line and turned on. Usually, the reset button is red or black that is located beside the power cord. (It may vary from and air compressor types and models so, it’s better to check the compressor manual if you do not figure out the reset button.) Press the button and, the reset process will start automatically.

Air compressor is not a cheap accessory that can replace frequently. Our preference is that try to repair the compressor rather than replace it if possible. Air compressor fails for simple reasons that can solve without any professional’s help. Our recommendation is to try to figure out the problem first then solve the problem.

Air compressor repair is not a serious issue. You will get enough information about how to repair an air compressor by reading this article. If you are facing any problem that is too hard to solve, then call a professional to help you.

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