Do You Know What Are Sump Pumps Used For? | Find Out 6 Benefits

Are you still destructed about the purpose of installing a sump pump or buying a home with a sump pump? The necessity of a sump pump cannot express in price. A small amount of money with a little sump pump installation time may restrain you from unmeasured damage. When will the water pressure occur, or when will the sump pit refill with water? We do not know this answer. Installing a sump pump will be a life-changing decision to prevent sudden floods into the basement.

In this article, we have tried to bring down all of your confusion about the need for a sump pump. We hope you will be able to know the importance of a sump pump & What are sump pumps used for?

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a device that is installed for removing accumulated water from the sump basin or sump pit of the basement. Now you may have a question about the sump pit. A sump pit is a basin that is placed into the lowest point of the basement. It is created to accumulate excess water due to heavy rainfall, snowstorm, or irregular rising of water level. A sump pump clears out the water through the discharge pipe in a safe place. The check valve of the discharge pipe prevents the water from returning into the sump pit. It reduces the risk of flooding into the basement.

When the water level of the sump pit reaches a certain level of the sump pump, it automatically turns on and starts to pump the water away from the sump pump. So, we can say a sump pump is an automatic pump that works with pressure switches.

Types of sump pumps

There is no house whose basement is risk-free from flooding. And basement flooding may lead to significant damage to the basement. To prevent basement flooding, you have to install a sump pump into your sump pit. Have you ever think which one you should buy? There are two types of sump pumps. We have described each the kind of sump pump, what they used for and why they need it.

1.   Primary sump pump

The primary sump pump is an electrical device that is the main pump for removing water from the sump pit. It can run for unlimited time if there is an electric connection. Also, it can remove gallons of water without pausing. There are two kinds of primary sump pumps. We have elucidated each of them with some advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Primary Sump Pump

** Pedestal sump pumps

Pedestal pumps are a kind of sump pump that is placed out of the water. It can set on the basement floor. Any touch of water may damage the pump. So, it has to place far away from the touch of water. One of the biggest problems is it is less effective than a submersible pump. It takes much more time to remove water than a submersible pump. Also, it increases the risk for someone’s injury as it has to place on the floor.

**Submersible sump pumps

Submersible pumps are the most popular pumps. It is submerged into the sump pit. It is more powerful than a pedestal pump. It is placed into the sump pit, so the extreme sound of the motor decreases and the motor remains cool. On the other hand, this pump has no risk of hurting somebody. You can feel freely place the pump into the sump pump. It will not damage by the water.

2.   Battery backup sump pump

What if your house has no electric connection when the sump pump needs to remove the excess water from the sump pit? During a storm or heavy rainfall, a power outage is usual. As sump pumps are electrical devices, they won’t run if there is no electric connection. Besides, the primary sump pump may not run because of sump pump issues. A battery backup sump can rescue your basement from flooding. The battery backup sump pump removes the water while the electricity is gone. It is specially created for pumping water with battery support. Besides, it may pump the excess water that the primary pump fails to run.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

What are sump pumps used for?

Investing a small amount of money for installing a sump pump can restrain dollars of damage to your house. Already we have known about the sump pump and the types of a sump pump. Now, we will understand what are sump pumps used for? So, let’s get started.

 It keeps the basement free from flood

The focal purpose of installing a sump pump is to remove the excess water from the sump basin to a pointed area through the discharge pipe. Because of heavy rain or snowfall, the soil around the house becomes oversaturated. As the basement is below the ground floor, the excess water of the soil accumulates into the sump pit. When the water level rises at a certain point of the sump pump, the float switch is automatically activated, and the pump starts to remove the water. Without a sump pump, your basement will be flooded with those excess water.

It keeps the house mold and mildew-free

Mold and mildew is a harmful substance for human health. If your basement remains wet all the time, it can produce mold and mildew. When you go to your basement, the molds will be inhaled. It may cause coughing, headache, sore throat, and other health problem. A sump pump prevents the production of mold by keeping the basement dry.

It protects the wall paint

The painting of the basement wall may damage due to water stagnation. You have done your wall painting by spending a lot of money. If the sump pit’s accumulated water is not removed, the water may damage your wall painting. So, it’s better to install a sump pump to prevent this type of water damage.

Alerts homeowner about the excess water level

Sometimes the water rises too high that the sump pump doesn’t clear all the water. If this situation happens, the possibility of basement flooding increases. In this situation, the sump pump alerts the homeowners by beeping a sound. So, you can be alert if your basement is about to flood and immediately can take action to solve the problem.

Stabilizes the soil

The excess water from the soil gathers into the sump pit. Sump pumps remove those water. That is how the soil around the house becomes stabilize. When the soil around the house becomes stabilize, the building also.

 Keeps the basement germ free

Basement has the most chance of affecting with germ because it has not enough sunlight and air. If the basement remains wet because of excess water, it can affect by various viruses and germs. The sump pump keeps the basement dry. So, the possibility of affecting with germ will reduce.

Frequently Asked questions:

What is the difference between a submersible pump and a pedestal pump?

A submersible pump is submerged into the sump pit, where a pedestal pump is placed above the water level. Without this difference, there is no difference between those pumps. Some people claim that a submersible pump can remove more water than a pedestal pump but, this may vary from brand to brand.

Should I avoid buying a house with a sump pump?

A sump pump will restrain your basement from flooding. A house with a sump pump is safe and healthy. You can feel free about excess water in the basement if you have a primary sump pump and backup pump. So, you should buy a house with a sump pump.

Do sump pumps turn on automatically?

Yes, sump pumps turn on automatically with a float sensor switch. When the water of the sump pit increases to a certain point of the sump pit or sump basin, the sump pump turns on automatically and starts to remove the water. Because a sump pump is enriched with a float activator. But the pump must be connected with a power line. Otherwise, it is not able to turn on.

How do I know what kind of sump pump I need?

We have discussed the different types of sump pumps. Every house should install a primary sump pump and also a battery backup sump pump. Now you can choose either a submersible sump pump or pedestal sump pump. Their feature is almost same. You only need to check the size of the sump pump you need.

What is the alternative to a sump pump?

There is plenty of alternative of using a sump pump such as French drains, utility pumps, hand pumps, etc. But they are not as effective as a sump pump. A sump is the best choice to prevent basement flooding.

You can’t imagine how many advantages you will get by installing a sump pump. A sump pump will keep your basement dry and germ-free. You can enjoy your moments without taking any stress about basement flooding.

After installing a sump pump, you don’t have to spend money frequently to keep the pump workable. A regular basis sump pump maintenance will keep your sump pump workable for a long time. By spending a small amount of money, you can get rid of dollars of damage to your house. 

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